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Edifice Infracon is a Structural Design Consultancy based in Mohali, India. Our Engineers are equipped with modern and advances technologies to analyze and model RCC Skyscrapers , Pre- Fabricated Structures, power plants as well as other infrastructural projects, Pan-India. At Edifice Infracon, our engineers evaluate and recommend the best model to use to the client and most importantly they work closely with the architects to ensure that the most effective structural system is executed.
We have designed & engineered numerous projects in government sectors and private sectors including health and medical departments and many more .
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We are adept at breathing life into your projects with our creative spirit. You will be impressed by our resourcefulness and resolution to quality maintenance. We offer our clients a wide range of Consulting and Advisory Services. Edifice Infracon Consultants has gained the trust of their clients, associate partners and the respect of their peers over the years with their commitment to quality and dedication to hard work. We are one of the top engineering consultants in India expertise in design of new Buildings, Villas, Evaluation, Renovation and Repair of existing structures, on addition offering wide range of services like Structural Engineering, Architectural Design, Construction Engineering, MEP Engineering, Interior Design and Project Management.

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